Tanvi Kant works with distinctive hand crafted techniques that are prevalent in her work with reclaimed textiles from which she has developed award-winning jewellery collections and practice-based research projects. Her approach to sourcing fabrics and hand-production techniques references textile crafts that have been informed by her Indian heritage. Her design practice upholds the re-use, repair and value of handwork with materials sourced from her family and friends such as saris and dressmaking off-cuts. She also leads textile jewellery making workshops and working with the public to make temporary mixed media installations, sharing her techniques to engage with people beyond a transaction of a product

Tanvi Kant received a bursary from 'the shape of things' to produce 'Cut, Stitch, Adorn' at Touchestones, Rochdale July-October 2010

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‘The bursaries from 'the shape of things'not only gave us the platform to show new work, it also enabled an ongoing dialogue with everyone involved, allowing us to share our journeys before and after our exhibitions. Highlighted in the discussions were thoughts on how our notion of place, home and identity were not necessarily fixed to a geographical location, and that through our work we could create a space connecting the threads linking multiple memories, associations and stories to communicate to viewers and participants of our projects how we make sense of our interconnected cultural identities.’ Tanvi Kant

Catalogue 'Cut, Stitch, Adorn' by Tanvi Kant

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