Rosa Nguyen describes the fusion of her Vietnamese and French background and cultural experience as embodied throughout the personal visual and tactile language of form, colour and surface inherent to the ceramic objects she makes, and the environments she creates with them. Her interest in Buddhists and Zen animist philosophies along with nature and our holistic relationship to it informs a poetical language of narrative display in her large compositional tableaus and installations. Her practice combines other discreet arts of flower arranging and gardening, and these have led to new creative departures. These include collaborations with artists, designers, florists, museums and manufacturers

Rosa Nguyen received a bursary from 'the shape of things' to produce 'Still Living' at Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, February-April 2010

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‘It has been really great to be part of 'the shape of things' community. Its support and encouragement have been crucial in enabling the realisation of some of my most adventurous work.’ Rosa Nguyen

Catalogue 'Still Living' by Rosa Nguyen

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