If you're the kind of person who likes to know the detail of how things were done, this is the page for you

From the lefthand menu you can download documents which outline in detail how the shape of things was delivered and managed, as well as the full evaluation report by Hybrid. We hope these will help people developing similar projects, so that they can learn from them, and not reinvent wheels


1,350,000 people (approximately) read about tsot in the national arts press

114,000 people (approximately) attended the exhibitions

1,111 people attended 73 separate events linked to the shape of things’ exhibitions in Bilston, Bristol, Leicester and Rochdale including participatory workshops, talks, a Masterclass and Private Views

563 followers on twitter (as of July 2012)

667 days when tsot exhibitions were open to the public

277 curators, artists, academics, and policy makers attended events held for the crafts’ sector to discuss various themes raised by the shape of things including:

- The launch at the Royal Society of Arts, London, October 2009 chaired by the writer and broadcaster Bonnie Greer

- A seminar to debate the acquisition of craft by private buyers and public collections in the context of 'the shape of things'at Pentagram, London, October 2010 which was facilitated by Emma Crichton-Miller with Raimi Gbadamosi acting as interlocutor / provocateur. The debate was preceded by a reception for the artists and view of 'the shape of things at flow' exhibition at Flow Gallery. There was a follow up event in February 2011 held at and organised by the Crafts Study Centre with contributions by Magdalene Odundo, Deirdre Figueiredo and Simon Olding

- The Disruptive Difference symposium at the Museum Studies Centre, University of Leicester, February 2012

There were also several opportunities for the bursary artists and curators to come together to discuss the development of the initiative

94 proposals were received from artists for tsot bursaries

18 essays were written to support the programme by Caroline Griffin, Bonnie Greer, Raimi Gbadamosi, Deirdre Figueiredo, Kathy Fawcett, Janis Jefferies, Frances Loeffler, Julia Carver, Jessica Hemmings, Yvonne Hardman, Alison Britton, Ellie Herring, Sophie Heath, Simon Olding, Frances Lord, Teleri Lloyd-Jones, Alnoor Mitha and Sophie Heath - read them in the catalogues and on the archive pages