Maggie Scott is a British artist and textile designer. After graduating from St. Martin’s School of Art in 1976, Maggie was immediately invited to the John Ashpool team based in Perugia, designing knitwear for exclusive boutiques around the world. Moving between Italy and France, she set up her first studio in London in 1980. Maggie Scott has focused on a highly successful career of creating woven, knitted, stitched and felted pieces of ’wearable art’. As a fine artist, Maggie's work is informed by a passionate engagement with gender and race politics while exploring the space where craft and fine art overlap.

Maggie Scott received a bursary from 'the shape of things' to produce 'Negotiations: Black in a white majority culture' at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, April-May 2012

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‘The bursary has given me the opportunity to develop a new body of work that aims to explore and reflect, for an ethnically diverse audience, on the question of national identity and what it means to be British, in particular for those who identify as Black. The title 'Negotiations' is significant. Clearly everybody, regardless of race, ethnicity, class or gender has had, at some time in their lives, to adjust, compromise and in effect, adapt to fit into the prevailing dominant culture. However, when trying to discuss the way in which we, as black people, are forced to negotiate our place within a white majority culture and the ways in which these negotiations manifest themselves, it is impossible not to talk about racism.’ Maggie Scott

Catalogue 'Negotiations: Black in a white majority culture' by Maggie Scott

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