Seiko Kinoshita came to the U.K in 1999 to study MA Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University after working as a printed textile designer and CAD operator in Japan; she came to the UK to follow her dream of becoming an artist. From her studio at Persistence Works in Sheffield, Seiko produces ingenious unique woven textile structures. Her work uses traditional Japanese weaving and dyeing techniques to create contemporary textile installations. Her aim is to create a harmonious relationship between her work and its surroundings, to bring a new dimension to the space. This approach and her belief in simple design, influenced by her land of origin, offer something accessible to the viewer

Seiko Kinoshita received a bursary from 'the shape of things' to produce 'Earth : Atmosphere' at Bilston Craft Gallery, May-July 2010 which then toured to Touchestones, Rochdale July-October 2011

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'The bursary from ‘the shape of things’ has given me a great freedom to work with my ideas within these gallery spaces, and the financial support to realise it.’ Seiko Kinoshita

Catalogue 'Earth Atmosphere' by Seiko Kinoshita

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