Alinah Azadeh is an interdisciplinary artist, working predominantly in the public realm. Since her MA in Art and Media Practice at the University of Westminster in 2001, she has produced installation works - encompassing sculpture, textile and written language – which act as a container for narrative exchanges in response to the central themes of human experience. Her initial concepts lead to processes involving live interaction with audiences, rooted in communal ritual and processes of gift and exchange

Alongside her public work, she creates smaller works such as fabric sculptures, which are a combination of found objects, cloth bindings and texts

Alinah Azadeh received a bursary from 'the shape of things' to produce 'The Gifts' at Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, February-April 2010

Alinah wrote a blog during her bursary for an's 'Artists Talking'

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‘The ‘gifts’ of this project were: my first sustained relationship with a curator who really understood my work, time to examine the cultural legacy of my Iranian heritage and how that makes itself visible in my practice, the opportunity to create work and dialogue with a large audience on a subject that moves and inspires me and the support to deliver a work that was my most ambitious to date. The impact has been a greater degree in confidence on all these levels of practice and the proof that it is possible. 'The Gifts' has certainly influenced work made since then (most notably the year after for the National Portrait Gallery) and is a brilliant calling card for future collaborations and commissions and for my own sense of direction. It has also bred a new way of working with objects on a smaller sculptural scale.’ Alinah Azadeh

Catalogue 'The Gifts' by Alinah Azadeh

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