Chien-Wei Chang has been living and working in England since 2000 as a foreign artist of Chinese descent. During this period he has been subject to the UK's immigration rules, which have restricted his opportunities for employment. In order to remain here and continue to pursue an artistic career in the UK, he has had no choice but to become a commercially successful maker.

After several years working in the collectables market of UK contemporary crafts, he began to establish myself as a metal artist working in the UK applied arts. ‘It struck me that the stereotyped image of craft within the general public is still the decorative, craftily and beautifully made object, but lack of social contexts. I want to change this perception and try to prove that craft can step out of its domestic environment to engage with a wider public audience and in doing so can also deliver important social messages.’

In the autumn of 2011, whilst preparing work for the shape of things’ exhibition, Chien-Wei received British citizenship.

Chien-Wei Chang's bursary from 'the shape of things' was to produce 'Don't look back! I told you so' at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, February-March 2012

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‘As a newly British citizen, being part of 'the shape of things' project at this time has had a profound meaning for me personally! It also opens a door of opportunity to a new direction for future creative development, and signifies the impact of my career as an artist.’ Chien-Wei Chang

Catalogue 'Don't look back! I told you so' by Chien-Wei Chang

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